Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snowmen and Snowmoons!
Been having fun with the clay recently,..sculpting tiny and big,..her are some of the tiny works in progress,...

I like to sculpt tiny first thing in the morning as I'm drinking my coffee!

Later in the studio I finish pieces,..today it was this Snow Moon Lantern,..

And a Snow King Tree Topper,..
A handful of fun,... these are works in progress,..have since been painted further and are hung glittered and drying,.. for our new tinsel style feather tree!

And the biggest snowman I ever created,..a large snowman floor lamp created last year and sold to a favorite collector last Christmas!
I want to make another one! But am working on a pair of tabletop ones,..with a different kind of nose,..
More pics to follow of that project later!
This guy below,..went on eBay tonight,...

Thanks for stopping by!

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Michele Lynch Art said...

All so cool!!! LOVE LOVE the tree topper!!! xo Michele