Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Ornaments Are Here!
I am so thrilled to report have a large new studio! I am still settling into it but have had to jump right in to Christmas before I could even get re-organized! I have many crescents,..snowflakes,..moon and snowmen ornaments in process now,..here is just a sampling. These three are also on eBay this week but I have also started taking orders. Feel free to e mail me if you would like some,..or just bid if you see one you like!
Here is a crescent moon with German glass glitter,..can be found here

This a 3" moon ornament/candy container,..he has also been dusted with German glass glitter!
His auction is here

And the snowflake is here
Thank you for stopping buy! Back to making glitter fly for me!!

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