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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wall Moon Night Light and New Pieces!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Witch Kitty and New Pieces! 

     It is May 13th, and my new pieces went up on my page at SpookyTime Jingles last night! This fetching feline stands 22" high and she has a primitive dress form base. I made her black felt cape that ties at the collar. Her hat was also made of felt, and I sculpted a tiny skull lantern for her to carry. She holds a rustic broom, I made out of vine and sticks, every witch needs a broom!
When you remove her cape and turn her around, you will find upholstery tack buttons up her back and a black bustle!
She has ears under her hat than can be seen when you are looking up and under...

I have been into making these vintage looking little pumpkin men, this one is almost twice as large as the first one I made last month, he is 9" tall!
The black cat  is 7" ....
A view of several pieces from this month in the gallery at our studio,...

Here is my largest moon in a while, 14" deep and a new color,..a paler yellow that really has lots of layers of color and depth that are seen best in person He really looks like an antique in person.

 I am currently working on many more cats and dress form figures, and more mirror and wall hanging moons and too!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boneyard Cat Lamp and Skull Luminary! 
Two new pieces completed today, a cat head lamp that I hope has a cemetary/tombstone/boneyard relic feel. A friend at my studio is always bringing me things, things that I consciously needed, or didn't KNOW I needed untill he brings it. The wooden base the cat is mounted on is one of those things. I had sculpted about 5 or 6 cat heads in various sizes and expressions this month and this one just looked perfect scale wise perched on top. The old large wooden finial is distressed with age in that perfectly soft and yet textural way that makes all truly naturally weathered and aged objects beautiful. I hope the cat has the same feel.
There is a hole drilled through the finial, it must have been mounted on a rod or dowel in it's lifetime. So I dremmeled a like size hole in the base of the cat so that the electric night light cord could be strung through and it be made into a lamp! How cool would this be flickering on your mantle?
My studio has many large windows in i,t and so I will have to get photos of it lit next time I am up there at night.
I also finished a newer subject for me, a simple rustic skull. It has bright Day of the Dead colors on the base and hat, but there are no flowers on him. He is but a simple, humble skull. He knows his place, quietly flickering away with his large morose eye sockets. He may be removed from the wooden block base. Also he may be displayed bald or with hat perched on top. I went for a distressed, weathered, aged look on him too. He does have a bone like feel and patina. Layers of paint, glaze, and sanding and scuffing. 

Skull Luminary stands 12" tall and the Boneyard Cat is about 11" tall....
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Magic Pumpkin Mirror and Moon Friends! 
 I finished a few new pieces at the studio today, here are two of them! Both available now on eBay. Just click on the highlighted titles below to get to the eBay links for each.

I love the details of this piece, the tiny metallic trims, and their brightly glowing eyes! The jack o lantern, the owl, and the cat all were sculpted out of paper clay and some epoxy sculpt, and painted in acrylic with some rich purple oil glazes and overlays.

"Moon Friends" stands 12" high and is mounted on the wooden block I painted in the same palette.
The Pumpkin Mirror was the most fun! Can you tell the vintage frame was once a clock? It was originally a beigeish white and gold. The clock was removed and I cut one of my lanterns in half, then sanded it to fit perfectly over the old clock hole, and then painted the frame in Halloween black and orange. I then layered glazes in oil with a dirty purplish hint....

The fun really is in the painting, finishing colors and details! This piece has an almost luminous glow in person, and a real old timey carnival feel to me, bright and ornate as a carousel, but all out Halloween!
"Magic Pumpkin Mirror" stands 22" high and is ready to hang by a saw toothed hanger on the back from when it was still someone's boring clock....

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Halloween Parade is Here!!
Four new posable chenile dolls/ornies, and a couple of Warty Jacks! I had the most fun sculpting the Chenile Figures, and their miniature parade lanterns! It was great fun making all of their accoutriments. I usually work very large, and so working on a smaller scale with some fun details was surprisingly engrossing. I could make a lot more of these, and think I will!
The Cat has a perfectly wicked Halloween expression, and I am particularly thrilled with the creepy bunny. I know bunnies aren't for Halloween, but I love them and think they can be creepy too. I enjoy the vintage/retro kitsch feel of these, almost like they are antique toys. They remind me of my childhood, which was filled with bunny rabbit night time stories, bunnies in the backyard, and cats! Plenty of animals in my life both growing up and now. I think I will explore more animals dressed up for Halloween in the near future.

The Warty Jack is HUGE,..the green one is 17" tall....
the red one is my small size and they look great together in groups!

I LOVE that the bunny is carryig a skull,...just so creepy and weird...and a little unexpected!

This pumpkin boy reminds me of my childhood...the groovy 70's! Watch out avocado green and orange!!

I used glass beads sunk in his belly for the buttons,...and sculpted the tiny pumpkin parade lantern on the stick....hand cut and trimmed crepe paper collar....

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Halloween For Spring!
It's spring already here in North Carolina! I may have a touch of early spring fever, and a Halloween Rabbit hopped into my recent round of work! He's SO much cuter than a pastel-ish Easter Rabbit, I think! I can't seem to really get into the other holidays with as much gusto as I do Halloween. But I think this clown inspired pumpkin lantern is cheery enough for spring! A touch of that spring green on him and his hand painted hat as well. The skull lantern is ALL Halloween, and I won't apologize for my holiday puritanism there.

A tad cute, and a little psycho all at the same time!

Here my latest moon lantern makes his first appearance...he's an 8" size but I paired him with a container, fitting him in between the container's base and lid. This was a found piece, made in some sort of space age polymer or resin,..but I saw the pumpkin shape in it and gave it an overhaul from red and bronze to black and orange with subtle purple glazes and then painted the moon in the same hues to fit! The lid fits down nicely in the hole in the top of the moon. The moon can be lit from within, or just be used as a candy container.

Here is my Hallow Rabbit again and the Pumpkin Clown,...

A medium Green Warty Jack wanted in the pic!

What a look!
Smile for the camera!
Happy moon views,...

A little tea light peaks out flickering from within,...

A Creepy Moon Lantern...

Here is Mr. Skelly's Dunce Hat,..it says "Boo Boo". Uh oh,..he's in time out! Bad Skelly!

He doesn't mind!
A little devil joins in,...
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