Saturday, July 31, 2010

Halloween Crunch Time, and Where Have I Been?
Hi everyone and anyone who still reads this poorly attended to blog. I look back on last summer's posts and every few days I was writing and posting! This summer has blazed by me. I HAVE still done a lot of fun and outdoors things,...and am leaving yet again for a trip tomorrow! I am taking the kids to Myrtle Beach, the South's biggest tourist trap (outside of Florida!). We will be staying at a hotel with a water park right on the beach!
With major shows coming up just around the corner, shame on me for traipsying off! Good thing I am prolific and work well under pressure, cause I will be under pressure when I return!

Here are a few choice shots from the last couple of weeks, when I managed to leave the studio,...
Out at the farm, my sister and I spent a few days soaking up the beauty there, swimming, messing with the horses, and re painting our Father's farm house while he was off on a back country trip out West.
We revelled in being alone out there, together, and felt like we were mere teens again!
One night it rolled up a magnificent thunderstorm, and the colors looked like this,...

Sugar, our Appaloosa, is my age, 37. Young for me, but that's OLD for a horse. We don't ride him anymore, but brush feed and spoil him. His pasture mate is also pretty old, Whiskey is in his twenties. The horse I had from the age of 14 to 30 something is no longer with us. He was a magnificent quarter horse, tall and pitch black, named Charger. I took him with me whenever I moved in my twenties,..I miss him so.

Can you STAND the color of the sky? The wind was blowing and about 30 vultures were riding the currents in the dark swirling sky overhead. It was magical!

The willow at the little pond,..
Me tromping around barefoot in the good mud of the big pond,..

A beautiful morning, I love spending the night out there!

Grasshoppers are in plague form out there! There are about fifty on every fence post,...and they swarm through the tall grass. I just love how this looks almost biblical and ominous, the dramatic sky in the background...

and more eeriness, running trails were soaked near my house. We have had lots of good rains! I love to run late and into the dark...

And lots and lots of art has been made,..
I took a couple of orders for this Wart Jack, he was sent somewhere special to be published in a yet un-announced mag!

A Halloween crescent and a tiny double sided party moon ornie!

This lamp is on eBay now!! He ends Monday night!

So does this devil,...

A new character for me and one I will be making a few more of for shows.

I love the way the collars add flair to the moons! Plus allowing them to sit flat on a table,...

Here is a new cat lamp, also on eBay,..I make the hats out of recycled packaging plastic so that they may glow a bit, too,..

Off to pack for my trip, and when I return, it is
Halloween Crunch Time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July STJ Pieces,...
Here are more shots of some new pieces available today over at I have a cat and a moon shaker available. On the chance they do not sell, they will NOT be going on eBay, but will be saved for Halloween and Vine and/or the Soiree shows coming up in the fall!

Here is a detailed shot of my small moon lamp. I sculpted his hat out of mache, then cut a window out. I recycled thick packaging plastic to construct his tiny window, and reverse painted the vintage style cat and bat sillhouettes. I encrusted the inside of the hat with super fine orange blitter and when this piece is lit up with its flicker bulb it is dazzling! The dancing faux flame reflects and bounces off the glittered walls from within the hat, and the moon's face itself also glows orange....

Here is my large moon lamp. The moon is easily removed from the candlestick base and may sit on his own. The hat was constructed out of thick recycled packaging plastic. I painted directly on the plastic. The hat and image of the Halloween cat also glow when lit. It was SpookyTime Jingle's birthday this month so this is my idea of Mr. Moon at the party!
The moon itself is my medium size, seven inch size lantern. I hand stitched his crepe collar....

I cut apart some old lamps to get these finial shapes to use as collars. They are screwed epoxied and glues in tightly to the shaker bases. I just love how the look! The cat has his two top largest fangs sculpted, and the rest are painted. He has a fine shimmer of glitter to highlight his cheeks and brows. There is also glitter encrusting the inside of his ears! I painted an owl and a moon and bats on his hat. The moon looks like a woman in the moon! She has a witch flying over the moon painted on her hat. She is a soft whitish cream color with purple highlights!

More shots of the cat,...

Here is my Evil Skelly lamp! I came up with the idea before The National Halloween Convention to make these with wire stitched mouths. I like the meaner expressions better, but have done smiling happier ones too. They were a hit at tje convention and I will do a couple more this year for shows.

The flicker bulbs are amazing in these lamps!

Thanks for stopping by for a closer look!

Monday, July 12, 2010

SpookyTime Sneak Peek for July!
Its SpookyTime Jingles 2nd birthday!
We update tonight at Midnight!

Lots of things with hats,..

Some that glow,...
Wicked wired grins,...
lots of things lit from within!
Just who could they be?...

And that's my SpookyTime Sneak Peek for July!

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Pieces and a Vacation!
I have been busy as a bee with several different new pieces, seen below, I believe my favorite is the warty green Bad Jack,...and I have a much bigger one made, but not yet finished. There is also a large ghostie hatted moon shaker, a moon lamp, and a new skelly shaker! All are on eBay this week.

Here is a sun I sculpted a year ago while on vacation at the same spot I am leaving for today, in coastal North Carolina. We are going to a tiny spot on the map called aurora. It is The Pamlico River, right where it turns into the sound...dolphins, cranbds, fishing, boating, tubing, and fossil hunting! Aurora N.C is a fossil capitol! After that we leave the kids there, come back this way and I head to Tennessee to see my best friend and go hiking in the mountains and swimming in the rivers!

I definately need some of this:

I hate the thought of not working on art and so will take smaller pieces with me.
I even sculpt in the car! When I sm not the driver, of course!

This little moon lamp also would make a great child's nightlight.

Skelly Shaker is so cute and evil!

Bad Green Jack is my favorite, he is so solid and lovely to the touch.

I'm off to load up the vehicle!
See ya'll later!
Happy Fourth!!