Tuesday, April 27, 2010

National Halloween Convention Here I Come!

Tomorrow is it! Road trip to King of Prussia, (outside of Phildadelphia) PA,
with a truck load of Halloween wares! SpookyTime Jingles will be there in full force with loads of goodies! We are raffling off an entire Halloween Tree with ornaments, moon topper, and tree skirt. Click on the link to to the right to buy a raffle ticket! I have many lamps, lanterns, and large pieces. Below are some pics from the studio today..just
a sample of what will be taken!! The large floor lamps were a hit last year and I have two more made again for this year. I'll be postin' pics on Facebook all week! Check it out, and drive on over this Friday to the Convention if you are nearby!!

See you there!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun New Videos of My Lanterns Spinning...
These two are both on eBay this week! The first video shows a grey one spinning, he is a medium size, and the second video shows a huge yellow one, seen in the lower post. They both are strung with spinners so that they will spin when given a little push. This really shows off what they are, and their three dimensional form. The second one, it is so funny as my dogs happened to be howling at a siren in the background...or howling at the Moon! The large yellow lantern is one of my biggest in years.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New! Biggest Moon EVER! With a SPINNER!

Here is my all time favorite moon...atleast this year, and he is LARGE, a whopping sixteen inches deep. He comes with a spinner, a little fishing lure accoutriment, attached to his wire bail hanger, so that if you give him a little push, he spins round and round in a wickedly strange and creepy jovial fashion! Just how I like my art! He is two different colors, too, subtle difference, but it is apparent,..here is a traditonal orange tinted yellow moon color, (one of my favorites) on this side..

Here is the same side lit up with candles..you can also use battery operated votives, I am a risk taker, so candles are for me.,

And here is the OTHER side, a more whitish pastel version of the yellow and a sweeter smile...blue eyes and a few blue dark grey details around the eyes too..

I love the orange eyes on this side...sooo HALLOWEEN!!

I am preparing to go out of town, all the way to New Jersey to visit Dani Nelson, Miss Spooky Time Jingles herself, Yay! We are going to have so much fun working on projects for the upcoming National halloween Convention, and going into the city to MOMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit! She has already been, but is going to get such a kick out of showing this little country girl around. My flight leaves Thursday morning! I had so much more almost ready for sale this week but the weekend caught me with a big batch of dreaded posion ivy. It started spreading, got into my bloodstream and wreaked its havoc. I lay in bed Sunday in a Benadryl induced coma with chills and aches. Monday the doctor put me on steroids, and I can't even sleep! Getting LOTS of work done, however! I have been indulgently IMMUNE to this plant's toxicity all of my life, untill now. I thought it was a sign of my woodsy prowess. Now I have been humbled. It turns out, my mother was the same way. She was finally able to get it by the age of 40 or so, and it gets in her blood the same way. My father is still immune! I am going to have to be MUCH more careful!
I have some video imagery of this moon spinning that I hope to post here soon.
I have a lot to do before my fun trip...
Thanks for stopping by!