Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feather Trees From Studio 136!
Dusti and I love trees,..especially feather trees! We made one from scratch about a year ago, from a wooden dowel, heavy gauge wire, and black feathers. We mounted it on an antique metal lamp base and we have enjoyed hanging Halloween ornaments from it,..and taking it to shows. Ever since making it we have wanted to do more! (More is always better!) One a month, or, this time of year, a week! So we have been collecting and or making trees that have the feather tree shape, and putting them on a variety of wonderful bases. We have urns,..vintage wooden pedestal stands,..old metal Victorian looking lamp bases,..and other fun salvaged items to turn a tree into extraordinary! On this tree, our first, we took a vintage wooden cake stand and painted it in a bright red enamel,..and added a fence which we white washed. Traditionally German Feather Trees came with fences surrounding them. I just think it is so cute! We also found a vintage wooden toy train ornament and thought it went perfect under this tree!

Toot Toot! Jingle Jingle! All aboard!

Our first tree is a "Christmas in Toyland" theme, started with a find of some vintage rocking horse ornaments and a few others we have been saving. When we were little,..we had plenty of these miniature wooden ornaments with felt hats and painted faces on our tree at home! There were elves, santas, animals, and snowmen. They all came to life in my little girl's imagination, like toys that came straight from Santa's workshop just for the tree! Just like this tiny snowman, holding a wee broom!

So now as find these kind of ornaments, we keep them, and even restore or fix them up as necessary. We started this tree out with a few of our favorites. Here is a vintage wooden rocking horse with a brown chenile mane and tail! There is a mouse with spectacles also hanging nearby,..and the star was one of three made just for this tree by me!

At the very top is a crescent moon I also made, to tie in with the stars and some of the other yellow ornaments on the tree. He has a hole in the bottom, and the top of the tree fits snugly in it.

What better to top off a tree?
Here is another of my favorite ornaments,..a little elf in a felt hat sitting on a present! I added the pom pom, (or "hat dot" as I hastily called it, running for my glue gun!) As I added hat dots,..Dusti painted fences and bases and measured and hung trim in ribbon pom pom and tinsel. I painted my dried moons and stars and we talked about several other trees we are working on at the same time. (More to come about them soon!)

Here is another star,...

I just love this combination of tinsel in a warm white gold color paired with traditional polka dot and red stripe ribbon! And the shiny red beaded and tinsel trims brighten the tree and tie it all together!

Here is the other side of green eyed moon topper,..

Dusti made this "naughty and nice" scroll list ornament!
We had some private fun deciding the names to go on each side! She sheallaced the scroll to stiffen the paper and hold it in its scroll like shape.

There are a few wooden Santas on here,..and here are one of two brightly painted toy drums,..

another star,..
a look up at the moon,..
And so much more can be found on this beautiful tree!
These are all the pics I have for now. We will finish this tree up tomorrow,..photograph the entire tree, and list it on eBay for a 7 day auction which will end on Black Friday. We are busy elves this week! To bid on this tree, here
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Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

I love-loVE-LOVE it!!! Had so much fun, decorating the tree with you today as per our sisters tradition! I wonder who will be the lucky buyer? Someone with impeccable taste, no doubt!