Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Ornaments! And Some Pics From 136!

Here is my Krampus! Those Germans new how to spin a tale! This creepy Christmas Devil came and hauled off all the bad boys and girls. That sure alleviates the need of the old "coal in stocking" threat.

The one I sculpted here is 5.5" without the wire hanger,..hollow with a hole in top,..just like a miniature lantern or candy container. He'd look great on the tree!

Painting his eyes and sculpting his lecherous tongue were the most fun!

Here is another skelly lamp,..13" tall,..

I don't care what time of year it is,..I love to see him flickering in the dark!

He makes me happy and I love making the faux candle waxed dripped sleeves on my lamps,..
tiny details like this are best seen in person!

Here are the ornaments of the week,..minus a snowflake I left at the studio,..all of these are available on my STJ page tonight at midnight....

This Black Cat Santa is my favorite! 7" high,..

He just looks so dashing in his yuletide finery!

I love cats! Especially the black, hissing kind.

No matter what the holiday!

I almost forgot, first Christmas lamp of the year! The colors,..texture,..and detail are really rich in person. He's a jolly Snow Moon!

A swirl of candy pink and icy blue colors meet with German glass glitter and candy cane goodness,..the lamp base itself has the same treatment!

Reminds me of everything kitsch,..sweet,..and Santa Claus-Townish that was exciting about Christmas when I was a little girl!

All these and more hail from a huge new workspace! I am so fortunate to have recently moved my work into a fantastic studio I share with my sister. We are already beginning new projects in holiday art as well as paintings, lighting,..some furniture,..and mirrors. Now that we have a full wood shop,, at hand,..and each other,..the sky is the limit!

Here is "her" end,..although we share and share alike,...notice how neat and organized,..although check back in a month,..I guarantee once we really get going, it won't be so pristine anymore!

Here is the very end of "my" end,..I am way less orderly,..more like a happy tornado,...

Still moving things in,..but also having to still work,..I figure it will come together more or less on its own,..I organize and create new "stations" as I go,..

It's nice keeping the holidays apart,..and paint apart from trims,..trims apart from tools,..glue and epoxy away from everything else,..dremmels and tools and dust in its own spot,..paper mache bowl in their own,..etc...Finishing stages kept away from beginning stages,..and when I am done,..I just walk out and go home! Oh and packing and shipping and photographing pieces,..plenty of room for that,..too!!

The studio is part of a group of studios for artists in my town,...our group is called Clearwater Studios. We are Studio 136 within this wonderful art mecca! Our first open house is next Friday night,..November 18th! If you are in the area, I would love to see you there.

Thanks for stopping by!!


Georgina said...

I love the tale of the Christmas Devil too. First I heard of it was in Germany and I brought back the tradition, now my grandsons are "enjoying" it too along putting out their shoes on Dec. 6, St. Nicholas Day....they wake up in the morning with little goodies inside them.

Another one was "Black Peter," who traveled with St. Nicolas while he gave away little gifts to the "good" children. I remember my daughter taunting her little brother about misbehaving or Black Peter was going to take him away...of course I had to intervene, but it sure was some funny stuff to listen in on...I know, I'm a terrible mother...explains my kids!! LOL

Brandi, your new stuff is wonderful and your studio, well, it's amazing...more room for more creativity.

Have a great week.


Brandi McKenna said...

Hi Georgina! I love your comment! I love the shoe tradition, I have heard of that one! What fun to find presents in your shoe! Maybe that's where the stocking hanging evolved from!? You are a wonderful mother I bet! Oh,..and I think "Black Peter" is Krampus' other name! he is supposed to be black. He's a cool character for sure! Thanks for dropping by my blog!!