Monday, February 22, 2010

Dani's visit and a trip to Robert's!

Dani Nelson, owner/founder of SpookyTime Jingles and incredible artist in her own right visited me last week and we had an amazing time! Dani was an easy guest, she is an absolute riot to hang out with! She and I hit some thrift stores, shared some art techniques, planned for some upcoming shows, and generally laughed a LOT! Here below are some examples of her crazy talent...

I just LOVE this freaky pumpkin...
she is a master with paper clay!
We had fun collaborating on this little ornie...we took a small unfinished sculpted moon from my studio and Dani sanded, painted, and made the it is my moon in HER style! I love it and have it sitting on my studio shelf as a fun reminder of our week together. I cannot wait to see her again at the National Halloween Convention the first weekend of May or possibly sooner! It was uplifting having another creative and artistic spirit around. I felt like my eyes were opened to new many ideas came into my head while she was here, and it was just plain FUN to work even briefly with another artist. I have to say Miss Dani is cooler than a fan and our meeting last year and ensuing friendship has been an true gift!

Here are some more of her pieces...

Speaking of "Halloween Fanatics" we got an invite from THE Halloween Fanatic himself!
It turns out Mr. Robert Brawley lives about 40 minutes away, North of here near Statesville, N.C. Dani and I were thrilled to make the short trip to visit Robert and his family. Robert's collection was sooooo fun to pour through...
Here he is with Dani...

and with me, holding a little moon ornament I brought him...

I was first blown away by these two large paintings, first thing you see right when you walk through his front door. They were done by Robert in college, but I believe he has real talent as a painter and should keep it up! Go Robert, GO!!

And here is one of Robert's cupid sculptures, we really like these too...

Robert is both an AVID holiday art collector and a holiday artists himself! Here is a piece by Flora of Bonehead Studios he had out on the table that I was so in love with...

Here he holds a commissioned piece of his dog, twinkle, by David of Chickenlips!

It was such a treat to see his vast collection and his own works of art.
Thanks Robert for a great time!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Large Halloween lantern of 2010!!
Despite the snowy weather its always Halloween here!! Here was the view off my deck where 75% of the year I can be found in a sculpting and slopping in mache like a mad woman...this time of year for a short time it has to be done indoors, though. This was our second snowfall of the year and it was a beautiful treat.
However, I am feeling spring fever start and cannot wait for warmer weather, bike rides, mache on the deck, flowers, birds, creeks, and SUN!!!

I am offering my first large Moon lantern in a Halloween color for the year. He is single sided, but a beauty.
I couldn't resist propping him with a few other Halloween items for display. I have so many things to make for two large upcoming shows this year I do not know how many will be available as I get cranking on show pieces. So please, if you like, bid while you can!

Speaking of which, Miss Dani Nelson friend and owner of SpookyTime Jingles is visiting me right now so that we can go over some of the details together of upcoming shows and events! We are having a riot of a time and I hope to post some pics of our adventures soon. Think lots of creating, thrifting, and laughter. I only wish she lived closer as I truly enjoy the company of another creative and ambitious spirit!

Till next post...Happy Halloween Dreams!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

SpookyTime Jingles Update Tonight at Midnight!
Head on over to to see all the greatest in Halloween and christmas folk art plus the Holiday Hootenanny which this month is for Spring/Easter.
I didn't offer the Hootenanny this month, but below is a rabbit on stick, my first finished rabbit piece this year. He is still somewhat strange and spooky, but I like him that way. I love rabbits, when I was small, around 3, and 4, I would coax the little brown ones out of the woods to eat lettuce and carrots out of my hand. I guess they knew they had nothing to fear from such s small child. Its always so fun to see them froic about. I love the domestic varieties, too, especially the flop ears. And then there is the book, Watership Richard Adams...such an incredible read at any age. I believe I will name this rabbit Inle....

He has a black and white jester collar and ribbon and bells hang from underneath him.

A slight bit of feathering at his collar...

his splotches are so satisfying.
He is sweet and spooky all the way!

Below is my moon shaker offered on STJ this month...I love how his hat turned out. I painted very carefully this vintage looking party hat ...a wonderful hissing black cat rears its head and a witch flies high overhead...hat is finished off with crepe black fringe. I love the old timey look.
This one is BIGGER than last months, the moon is 7 inches high. I think its a great size for display. He is mounted on an old tinker toy reddish orange stick...

Here is a large grey moon,,, I am fooling around with making him a hat, too. Not sure what all to do yet. I have SO many little things. ornaments and such,laying around to finish painting.

That's all for now!
Thanks for coming by!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Moon
Here is a LARGE moon ornament I finished..I like to think of him as a snow or ice moon...with his icicle shaped ornament lower half...he has snowy opaque glitter and is cold wintry colors. Just put him on eBay tonight. He's not really any "holiday" per se, I just thought he would rock as an any time of year ornament. He would look dazzling on a tree, though. He is 15" high not including tinsel string hanger.

Thanks for looking!