Sunday, November 20, 2011

Something for the Nice and Something for the Naughty!
Two new and completely different lamps from my studio this week! Here is my Snowman,..his crown is re purposed from a carafe! It reminds me of more things that could come from Santa's Magical Workshop and the North Pole as I thought of them as a child. The lamp base is a functional electric lamp with a roll cord on the switch. I painted the lamp and used a very cool new type of glitter paint in aqua. I found a very old tiny bluebird flocked ornament that I sprinkled with a touch of the same German glass glitter I used on the Snowman, and I perched him permanently onto the glittered candy cane the snowman has in his mouth. The crown comes off of the snowman, revealing a lantern shaped hole in the top, that lets out light. There are two tiny holes in the top of the snowman on either side of the lantern hole so he could also be strung with wire and hung as an ornament or lantern.

To bid on the Snowman Lamp, here

He uses a nightlight sized bulb and I like it lit with white light,...

Here he is unlit without his crown!

Unlit with his crown,..
Here in this photo below, you can see a hint of the next fully decorated feather tree to come!
We love the vintage glass ornaments, and the indented ones, too. We also got lucky enough to find a vintage strand of mercury glass beaded garland to use on our next tree (in pastel Christmas colors!)

A look close up,..

And NOW for something COMPLETELY different! I hope your children weren't naughty this year. I really do,... I would hate for Krampus to come to your house instead of Santa. I would beat him with his own switches! But I just love the old German tale and really anything about devils. They're just so fun and kitsch! Here is another fully functional lamp. Much like my Halloween Devil lamps,..except with the lolling Krampus tongue and green eyes. I just love how this one turned out....

He's so creepy!!!
He looks best with a flicker bulb which comes with him. I even put a faux candle wax drip on the lamp's sleeve in black...
If you like him,..too, here to bid! He
starts tonight at ten pm EST.
I also have a small Krampus ornament,, and a snowflake ornament here!
Look for an adorable miniature SKeLLy cHRisTmas LaMp soon,..our next feather tree,..and some more moon ornaments and tree toppers!
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Michele Lynch Art said...

LOVE Krampus!! So cool!! xo Michele

Brandi McKenna said...

Thanks so much Michelle! Making a Krampus doll with my sister Dusti now.....can't wait to finish it!