Thursday, September 2, 2010

What in the Devil Have I Been Up To?
Why, making devils, of course! And Moons and BlackCats and Warty Jacks, mostly for Halloween and Vine and The SpookyTime Jingles Soiree, but a few are being offered on eBay! I have started a new line of characters, and they are pretty wicked! I have gotten a lot darker with some of my expressions, dare I say just a tad more sinful with my sculpture.

Of course I can't completely abandon my old standby, which I always find so much fun to make, the grinning moon! This one below is offered on eBay right now. I have started sculpting their teeth. Actually, I carve them at the end, and I love how it looks. No more glue and paper, and now I wonder why I didn't think of it sooner!?

The subtle difference is even more discernable in real life. This gargantuan double sided moon below is also offered this week on eBay. He is most likely the only one this size offered on eBay this month, or perhaps at all, this season. (I am just not used to making pieces and Saving THEM !)

If you look closeley you can see one of my scary little Warty Jacks on the table. They are cute and creepy at the same time!
I have had a blur of craziness this past August, it all started with a fun beach trip, to whic had to come to an end. The fun continued to end as I came home to a viral computer. It took 2 weeks or more to get it fixed, and then, not 24 hours of having it working again, a huge storm with lightening and a power strip that broke all contrived to destroy my old computer. It was fried! Alas, I have not gotten a new one yet, but have had to make do with my Droid. We are having a tech friend build a new one, and I hope to get laptop soon. Without a computer, I have been able to work even more, though, and perhaps to SAVE more pieces, which I know I will be glad of with a big 8 foot table to fill two times in the not so distant future. Oddly, I have made peace with my computerless condition and have borrowed one when neccessary, getting by. All I really want to be doing anyway is making things or running outdoors, and now I have more time for both! Ha!

So that's it for now! Happy Fall, ya'll!!