Monday, March 12, 2012

Halloween For Spring!
It's spring already here in North Carolina! I may have a touch of early spring fever, and a Halloween Rabbit hopped into my recent round of work! He's SO much cuter than a pastel-ish Easter Rabbit, I think! I can't seem to really get into the other holidays with as much gusto as I do Halloween. But I think this clown inspired pumpkin lantern is cheery enough for spring! A touch of that spring green on him and his hand painted hat as well. The skull lantern is ALL Halloween, and I won't apologize for my holiday puritanism there.

A tad cute, and a little psycho all at the same time!

Here my latest moon lantern makes his first appearance...he's an 8" size but I paired him with a container, fitting him in between the container's base and lid. This was a found piece, made in some sort of space age polymer or resin,..but I saw the pumpkin shape in it and gave it an overhaul from red and bronze to black and orange with subtle purple glazes and then painted the moon in the same hues to fit! The lid fits down nicely in the hole in the top of the moon. The moon can be lit from within, or just be used as a candy container.

Here is my Hallow Rabbit again and the Pumpkin Clown,...

A medium Green Warty Jack wanted in the pic!

What a look!
Smile for the camera!
Happy moon views,...

A little tea light peaks out flickering from within,...

A Creepy Moon Lantern...

Here is Mr. Skelly's Dunce Hat, says "Boo Boo". Uh oh,..he's in time out! Bad Skelly!

He doesn't mind!
A little devil joins in,...
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