Saturday, December 12, 2009

SpookyTimeJingles December Update is HERE!
Here are my two little ornies for the 12 Days of Christmas!

And below is my first ever SnowMan Sculpture...
"Mr. Snowstorm" is a bit peeved..he just came out of another snowstorm and his Tree and lights are all messed up! The little star is happy to be on the tree...he is the TINIEST thing I have ever sculpted! I just love using dental tools to sculpt super tiny now! As if I needed one more thing to work on obsessively...but teeny tiny is so cute and I have some teeny tiny moons I made today, too! (No photos yet!) Speaking of photos, the light was horrible and I promise to get more professional photos in the morning to put on this blog.
Oh! I hand carved the little corn cob pipe out of wooden dowels with a dremmel tool! It even has the little bowl in the pipe...a perfect minature pipe. You should se the snowman my seven year old made today alongside me while I was working on mine. It's un-real what she can do and how fast she picks up on things and can whip something out. She even dremmeled her own corn cob pipe for hers and made a twig broom, sculpted coal eyes and buttons and hat. She used the same kind of wooden base as I did. I will take pics of her with hers tomorrow to post! (The other two made snowmen also but did not finish theirs yet.)
On mine,
Everything else but the tree and lights is paper mache and paperclay. Oh, the base is wooden too.

I made a few more things for the December update.
Here we have a Moon Tree Topper! The one on the right, that is. That moon is painted silver, very metallic! It looks like an art deco object d' art in person! Very strange, maybe would make a good hood ornament too on some huge old car if it was actually metal. The bigger one on the left is a 9 inch Moon lantern in a matte finish in a wintry palette and comes with a big and unusal sleigh shaped candelabra!

The worse pictures I have evr taken in my life and soon to be carved black cat is finaly finished and I paired him with a mini moon lantern. No, not one I was working on today, the ones I made today are half this size. I love how the cat flies with the wire hadle in his paws!

Everything on STJ by me this month is a FREE SHIP!!!

Ok This art girl is DONE!! Back to life as normal tomorrow, but with better pictures!
Don't forget to Swing on over to STJ to see all the amazing art for DECEMBER!!!

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Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

I so LOVE the silver ones! And your snowman! I can't wait to see what Cassie made.