Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NEW! Crescent Moon Ornie and some WIPs!

I finished this crescent moon last night and put him on eBay! He ends Saturday night rather late, 11:00 pm EST or so. He has all these beautiful silver fluffy strands with silver bells and a big bronze bell dangling down. He is so silvery and gold and antique looking....I had so much fun making him. I actually sculpted him months ago and he was just laying around the studio. He was really un-impressive untill I began to paint him using special metallic powdered pigments I added to the paint! Then his expression just came to life! He looks old and magical. There is a large star tree topper I have made that will receive the same treatment, and I hope to finish it today!

Along with lots of other things...including a snowman commission. The snowman is holding a tiny glass lantern I made with a flame inside, the tiny flame is a flame man and has a face too.

Here are some more moons...and some of my new tiny ones, and a star all awaiting my attention.

I love how they used to take photographs using paper moons. Below are some old-timey moon images, just really cool stuff.

My upstairs work space....smaller and not my "official" studio but I do so much work here..

And last but not least the fabulous snowman Cassie made. Cassie is seven and she dremmeled this corn cob pipe all by herself, and made the entire piece very quickly just by watching me. I gave her a few instructions, when she asked, but really not much was required! She is fast and confident when manifesting her artistic visions! She nade hers a broom out of wire and twigs, will have to post a better picture!

Back to work for me!
Thanks for stopping by!

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