Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gotta get out of this House! And some new listings...

This is it! I am officially stir crazy! I have been cooped up working most of the week, home with kids, one a sick child (who is now running wild again!) and other than venturing out to ship I have done nothing FUN! Well, lots of fun with the KIDS, picture if you will an eleven, four and seven year old dipping pretzels in melted chocolate. You can't imagine. Also ...about five dozen cookies were also baked in the last two days. Peanut butter candy was mixed and stirred. Floors were hand scrubbed. Also scrubbed were hands and faces over and over again! Various ornaments were hand crafted. Paint was splattered. Christmas music blaring! Two big dogs to let in and out of the icy slush....AaaaHHH!!! This woman's taking off the apron tonight.
Tonight we are taking the kids to my mother's, God bless her, and going out on the town! Bar hoppin' and late night Christmas Shoppin' is a little tradition of ours. Who knows where we will end up in the Queen City tonight. Also have a party to swing by. We are always last minute shoppers. Before I go wash off the paint and head out the door, I finished some things...this metallic moon..

And this little woman in the moon ornie....

And here was a commissioned piece, one of many small ones I managed to finish this week but this guy was one of my favorites. A little Jinglin' Moon with a Top Hat!

I am even almost caught up with my shipping.
Here's to a night on the town!!!
Merry Merry everyone!

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