Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Metallic Christmas Star Tree Topper on a Candlestick Stand!
Here is what I ended up actually finishing today...the cresecnt moon I finished last night got me in the mood. I have vastly improved my metallic patina painting skills with the addition of some "FANCY" professional metallic powders my sister Dusti used in the faux finishing business. She gave thm to me years ago and I used them in my days of Santos Repair (Religous statues) and in Dustis and I's other joint ventures in the decorative arts. I am doing all these small moons and stars in preparation for a HUGE double sided moon that is waiting for me. He will be so awesome I might have to keep him. I know all this metallic ancient stuff may not appeal to you primitive folk art fans. I hope it appeals to someone, though, because I LOVE it and am going to keep doing it for a while! The older and more ancient and crusty and oxidized I can make it look, the better, too.

I will have to get better photos of the crescent to show quickly, as you can see here...they would look fantastic together on the same tree.

Star is
Going on eBay tonight for 5 days!!


Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Bran, TOO TOO awesome!!!!!

Connie said...

Brandi, I LOVE the new metalic surface. It looks like tarnished silver in the photos. Really beautiful work. Also Go Cassie on the snowman she did.

yoborobo said...

Wow - the metallic finish is really fabulous. :) I like the older and crusty look, too. LOL! xo Pam

Lisa said...

Oh Brandi, that technique is right up my alley. I admire it very very much. I am currently finishing my dining room walls in a similar look, only in whites, old and aged. I think the moons look great this way. Excellent!!!!!