Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Vanessa!

If you don't know about Vanessa's blog A Fanciful Twist, you must give yourself a treat and visit her today! It's her birthday! She is the most amazing artist, photographer, and blogger around. Lots of people are throwing her a blog party, just like Vanessa does many times throughout the year herself. Her Mad Hatter's party is my favorite. My friend Laura Irrgang over at Rhinestone Armadillo did a great blog tribute post today for Vanessa's birthday!

Please drop by and tell Miss Vanessa Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

Tracy M. said...

I LOVE Vanessa's blog, so inspiring.
I wish I had her gift of words.
I like your picture of you as a witch and your Kitty.
Have a great weekend and see you at STJ tonight. I get to see it at 10:00 since I'm out west. Can't wait.
Take Care,
Tracy M.