Friday, May 1, 2009

Black Rat Snake!
Yesterday I caught the most beautiful black rat snake. They are gentle and harmless and will eat their poisonous brothers, the dangerous copperhead. Its always a pleasure to interact with one of these gentle beauties. Spring is definately here, with summer on the way!
Ellie and Cassie my daughters were thrilled too...

Danny, their little brother, also was excited!

Here he is in my arms, see the beautiful black and white speckled belly? This one has such a gentle temperment. Will release him today.

Today we are going hiking through the most beautiful creek you ever saw with nets to catch fish for our aquarium. The kids will get to swim and play, the creek is wide and shallow with a gorgous sandy bottom. More pics of that adventure to follow!
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Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

We have those snakes too! They eat the barn rats and live in trees. My husband has an unnatural fear of snakes - I think these photos would send him into therapy for months. :) Your children are beautiful and so good and gentle with nature! Enjoy your May Day!

Tracy M. said...

It's nice to see another lady who's not afraid of snakes. Snakes are good as long as they aren't the kind that bite.
Take Care,
Tracy M.