Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jack and Skull Stand Complete!
Here is my latest...a jack o lantern with painted witches flanking his broad toothy grin, and a creepy horned bat hovering out of the smoke above his nose! The painted stand has a skull with wings painted on it, it is ceramic. The base is painted with orange and black checks. I thought about adding more, but simpler seems more my style. (I admire people who can really gussy up piece with tons of tiny detail!) Hmm, I wasn't sure about the paper eye inserts, I thought he was scarier eye-ball-less. Ha. All Beistle inspired stuff from 1930 or so, I just go nuts over the old illustrations and love bringing them to three dimensional life!


sUz said...

Another great one bRanDi! LOVE the bat :)

iN jOy,

Rot said...

Wow. Beautiful piece.

SO neat.

The Captain said...

Very nice, loving the checkerboard on the stand.

Connie said...

Beautiful design, excellent craft--an all around great piece.