Friday, May 29, 2009

I am about to head out for a fun weekend trip to Tennessee with my sister to see our oldest best friends, also sisters! But I'm such an artaholic, I almost can't bare to part with my various projects that are in process for a couple of days! After I get back Sunday I'm home for 4 days then heading out again for a week down to Mississippi! More family down there than I can shake a stick at, and I'll be attending a family reunion too. Black eyed peas and cornbread, oh and shrimp, fresh! Oh,banana pudding, iced tea...sliced tomatos! Lizards and hot pavement...horses and cows... I have some of the best childhood memories of visits down there and its always a thrill to return. Strangest childhood great grandmother and I chasing armadillos with a clothes basket, I had a white chicken that was my favorite and it rode, literally, perched on the back of my bicycle, and then would lay an egg for me on the painted green carport! Oh! I used to catch those green anole lizards that change colors, like 40 in a day. I'd keep them in an empty cool whip container or mason jar. I made little leashes out of yarn for them. I got in trouble for chasing my Pop's bull through the fence while riding horses...and having to peel shrimp by the cooler load! Hot and humid already I bet! Lots of treasure hunting in weird old salvage and antique stores, photographing, hiking and plundering creeks and swimming spots. Still, I get antsy about leaving my work! Anyone else that way?

See ya'll later!


Amy H. said...

You can go ahead and bring the little skeleton lamp with you to TN....I love him too...I guess I'll have to make sure I get my bid in on ebay...:)
See you soon,

Gourdqueen said...

I just love your skelly lamp!
Mississippi!!! Where in the big M are you going? I live in Natchez, Ms and your childhood memories sound a lot like mine when I visited my Grandparents up in north Mississippi.
Have loads of fun in TM. My hubby has family in Jackson TN and Tune TN.
Small world!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Your childhood sounds like something out of a Fanny Flagg novel! Have fun - hit some antique/junk stores for me! I expect to see at least one oddity that you purchased on your trip.

Don't worry bout your work - it won't be going anywhere! - you will probably get more done having taken a break.

Have fun girlie!

- B

Karla said...
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Connie said...

Brandi, hope both your trips are fabulous. I love you memory descriptions!

Tracy M. said...

Hi Brandi, Love your lamps! You've been tagged! Please visit my blog to play along if you wish.

Have a great vacation!
Tracy M.

Skellyton Art said...

You do great work! Glad I found you.

Susie Pastor said...

Brandi, I have been a fan of your work for awhile now. Your lanterns are super and the skelly lamps are
very creative as well. I found your description of life down south quite fun and I was envious of some of the things you were able to do- like chase armadillos!
I am exactly like you as far as not wanting to leave wokrs in progress and go do something else. Its the sign of a real hardnosed artist. lol

Susie Pastor said...
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