Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Parade Lantern

Parade Moon Lantern on a Stick!
This thing is really cool to pop a candle in a walk around with at night..I love his black feathered fringe, he would make a witch's outfit on Halloween, wouldn't he? I am carrying one out to lead my trick or treaters this year! I just love puting them on a stick for some reason. I want to bring Halloween back the way you read about how it used to be...especially in the 20's...huge parties, lots of forgotten customs, everyone went all out, and even earlier. They used to make lanterns to carry for parades. So much fun. The interior layer is actually a thick non breakable plastic resin, that way you can carry him around without worrying that he'll catch fire. I put real candles in my large completely paper strip and paper mache ones, too, at home, I just don't leave them un-attended. Real candles give the best glow. But you can also stick a strand of mini lights in them. Look for this one on eBay this week
I think I am going to do some cat head ones next!

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Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Wow, Brandi, this is gorgeous! I love his smile and when he's lit up it's amazing. You do such wonderful pieces and your attention to detail is fabulous. Look forward to seeing your kitties! Lisa