Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Electronic fubars!

Electronic Fubars and New Art
Hello all...on top of dropping my camera and breaking it Sunday night when I was attaching it to usb import because it shocked me, now my computer has a nasty malware virus and I can't even upload pics. Thank goodness I got a few of this past weeks work on here before, but they're not the best. This moon with the stand has more painted face detail than in these pics now since I've taken these, but I loved how it turned out. Hoping to list it on eBay tonight, too. I think mercury is retrograde right now...old school astrologers relate this to fubar communications and other seemingless random screwed up events. This may explain my inability to get anywhere this week...anyone else out there getting this?

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Moon said...

Yep! I feel your pain! ;0)