Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine's Day Jack O Lantern WIPs!
I finished a few things today, but not as much as I had hoped, because we had snow! My kids were out in it till 9:30 tonight and it only started right before dark. A few inches already on the ground, and may do it all night tonight and through the day tomorrow too. When I was growing up in this area, it snowed 12 inches at least once, sometimes even twice, a winter. A nice snow lasting a few days that we could sled in and saucer down hills on was something you could count on happening. We even had a nice sled, untill my mother ran it over in the driveway one year. Ha ha. We probably left it out way after the snow came and went and she decided to take out that piece of un-attractive yard art. I remember the best things about playing in the dad would come out in it with us...and we made a REAL igloo, it probably rivals the Eskimos' as my dad does NOTHING half ass. He and my mom were married in Alaska and lived there for seasons at a time when he was a smokejumper. Maybe he got some pointers from his friends there, however, it was the summer there...who knows how he learned how to do EVERYTHING he knows? There were Eskimos at the small un-formal ceremony in a log cabin and they got a wolf skin as a present. I used to cover myself with it and run around on all fours pretending to be a wolf! Of course he also showed us how to make all kinds of snow sculptures.
We lived in town, in Charlotte, NC, in my elementary school days next to a main busy road in town that was on a steep hill. I remember for fun, we would all go help push cars that were stuck up the hill. I remember this happening at night a lot too. Lots of laughing and fun. I love the snow. I know, I know, you yankees will laugh. But its special down here when it occurs, and it doesn't occur often enough to be a pain! I love a good snowfall as much as I love Halloween!!!
Speaking of wolf skins...its a Wolf Moon! Every moon has a name...December's was the Blue moon because there were TWO full ones that month. Makes me want to sculpt a wolf. A wolf has got to be my favorite animal besides a horse. I guess that's why I love my dog. I love any animal I can GO in nature and run with. Or on. What a tangent I'm on!
Back to the art...
I am doing some Halloween Valentine's Day crossover pieces. I think that these Jack O Lantern's on heart cakes with fudge chocolate frosting are so cool! I've had it in my head for a while now to make some faux cakes...because I love making real ones, and although I am a good baker, I am not the best decorator with real frosting. It seems I can never get it stiff enough or cold enoigh to come out of the bag out of those frosting decorator's tips...or the whole mess explodes out past the bag and I have an ugly cake that tastes REAL good. My favorites to make are red velvet, coconut, carrot, and chocolate. I use sifted Gold Medal Brand unbleached flour and REAL vanilla and fresh ingredients all around! Making these little heart shaped cakes made me want a chocolate cake!
The bigger Jack o Lantern below will have painted paper eye inserts and teeth and I will have a real little night light bulb wired into the bottom of the cake and piece so that it lights up and is a Valentines Day Lantern! The smallest one is just an ornament. I am trying to decide on whether they get hats or not. Then the black cat will be a shaker on a stick but for Valentine's day. There is also a cup of hot choclate in the works that will have little grumpy faced marshmallows floating in it! The cup is grumpy looking, too.

Here are my Valentine's ornaments..they will come with wire hangers too. I put them on eBay tonight.

I also love making the crescent moons now....
and you can't see them in this pic, but three HUGE moon forms are drying and awaiting face sculpting.

I'll be in that snow tomorrow with my three kids, so check back soon for more tale telling!
Thanks for dropping by!!

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