Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Pieces! Halloween with a Valentine's Twist!

Here are some pieces finished here this weekend. Offered on eBay this week, the one on the left shown below is a Jack o Lantern sitting on a heart shaped red velvet cake. Whilst painting his chocolatey, fudgey frosting, I wished for a real cake. It's my birthday soon, so maybe I'll make one!
Untill then, I can feast my eyes upon this one, salivate, and keep working out...thus avoiding the whole calorie bomb of a REAL cake.

Here he is lit up....
The little guy on the right is a candy container, the "frosting" and the jack are one piece, the lid of the little heart shaped cake-box.
Here is some Fancy Finery for your Valentiney...
A Moon with hearts on his cheeks...I must say my first ever PINK moon. He has marble glitter highlights and A RED metallic tinsel hanger. Frosty, Wintry, and Sweet!

That's all, Ya'll!!!


yoborobo said...

Brandi - these are all so cute! I love your pink Valentine moon. :) xo Pam

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Pam..Thanks so much! It's fun to try a different holiday. I think Valentine's Day goes great with skulls and jacks in a strange and fun way! I meant to do a whole V Day tree...and have a bunch of ornaments half work and working out have taken priority lately!

Lisa said...

Pink Moons...I love them, who would've thought? Okay, you would, I love it when you're on a roll!


Brandi McKenna said...

Lisa...thank you...and I messed up leaving a comment on your blog the other day via my phone but I LOVE your moon boy and all yoursea colored glass..those are my favorite colors too, and I have a lot of that palette in my house.
LOVE it!

Tracy M. said...

I love all your new items Brandi!!
A lot of fun stuff you got going on there.
Take care,
Tracy M.

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Oh Thanks Tracy! I'll havoe come by your blog and see whats happenin in Colorado!!