Sunday, January 3, 2010

Space Moon!!!
I just loved how this large double moon turned out! He is a NEW design, there is a hole in the bottom only, so that the top is a perfect spherical shape. This means he cannot be hung like my usual moon lanterns, but he sits flush on the table or HE fits on this nifty tripod little lamp that I am selling with him on eBay this week! he is also my FIRST large moon in a new color, a metallic shade I call Gun Metal.

He would be SO COOL in a kid's room with robot or space/sci fi decor!
Makes me want to make some rockets and robots to go along with him!!
Even the little metal lamp is reminiscent of the bygone era of TV's topped with antenna!

Maybe I will do Danny's room in space and robots! He got a new room when the girl's moved into together, and this just may be the ticket for a cool 4 year old boy's room...

What's more fun than the Man in the Moon?

Thanks for rocketing by!!


Lisa said...

WOW! Brandi, he is just the best! And the new color does give him that syfi edge. The stand you have him on is perfect. More to come?


Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Oh Thank you Lisa! He was fun...I can't find this size huge kids' play balls for forms right now, and he is the last one I had made this size. I may have to order a case from the company so I can continue to make this size. I hope people will like him!
Happy New Year thanks for stopping by!

Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Reckon is it made from a space age polymer?!
I LOVE it, so shiny and cheery!
Oh, I think I have one of this size ball in my "stuff room". I'll let you know...
Happy crafting sis!

Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Oh and P.S. I love the lamp/stand you put him on, it IS reminiscent of the 50's TV era! If you go down this vintage road may I suggest you make a moon that looks like the one from the show "The Honeymooners"? Remember, the big cartoon Man in the Moon at the opening credits?
"To the Moon Alice, to the Moon!"

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Oh DUST! That's a great idea! I love that moon!!
Thanks for the idea!!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Love him Brandi - he is soooo cooooool! Looking forward to your STJ update!

Happy New Year