Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Messy Studio, Paintings, and WIPSs!
Good morning people! Its been a week since I've posted! I have a mess on my hands! About 30 things all ready for the final stages of sanding/paintings...constructing their final forms...STJ update is coming up the 13th, pieces are due by the end of TODAY for uploading! I am pulling things out to finish at breakneck speed this morning! Most of my week was consumed by finishing these large commissioned paintings...putting me behind on the folk art front. (Actually, they have been"finished" for a while now, but as I went to prepare to glaze and varnish them I saw some spots that I thought I could improve...and I pretty much became lost in both the paintings again for a time!)
Its 18 degrees out this morning, the crows are cawing, the sun is shining, I've had my coffee so its back up to my mess to finish some surprises to put on for the Spookytime Jingles update! Maybe you can look through my mess and guess what I might be up to...then again, maybe not. I should be too embarrassed to show the public this mess! Oh well, I'm nothing if not completely forthcoming. Here are some shots of the paintings...pastoral LARGE paintings, two separate tall narrow canvases.

shots up close of sky detail, I love painting skies the most!

Distand shoreline with was really hard to photgraph these paintings due to their size.

And here we have the aforementioned mess! Its a fun mess, and MY mess...and I assure you I myself am even messier! Everyone in the family laughs at me in my work apron, safety goggles on top of head and exposed skin dappled/ covered in mache, paint and plaster dust.

This metallic moon ends on eBay tonight. He may be the last large 15" double sider for a while now as my local suppliers are all out of the large marbled children's play balls I use as forms. I ran out of my cache and am now going to hav to order a huge case of deflated ones to use. At any rate, he may be the only one offered in January atleast. I don't think the pics on eBay truly showed how large and magnificent he was, so I took a few shots this morning outside in the bright, cold light and a shot next to a gallon of milk for size reference!


Hope he goes to a good home! Bid by tonight at 9pm est or so to win!
Back to work for me!!


Georgina said...

Love the work. Love your studio too. Reminds me of my studio which I call "chaotic organization!" My mother thinks I have a problem with "hoarding." Told her to watch what real hoarders look like the A&E show!!! Looks like you've gotten a good start for the News Year...I haven't done anything, but hopefully soon, very soon.


Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Oh Bran, you need to direct me on painting skies like that! I still have my painting of the gold capital that I got stuck on the sky. My skies suck. The paintings are gorgeous!!! I'm looking forward to getting to do those flanking mirrors with trumeau with you for this client! $$ Bill!