Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boneyard Cat Lamp and Skull Luminary! 
Two new pieces completed today, a cat head lamp that I hope has a cemetary/tombstone/boneyard relic feel. A friend at my studio is always bringing me things, things that I consciously needed, or didn't KNOW I needed untill he brings it. The wooden base the cat is mounted on is one of those things. I had sculpted about 5 or 6 cat heads in various sizes and expressions this month and this one just looked perfect scale wise perched on top. The old large wooden finial is distressed with age in that perfectly soft and yet textural way that makes all truly naturally weathered and aged objects beautiful. I hope the cat has the same feel.
There is a hole drilled through the finial, it must have been mounted on a rod or dowel in it's lifetime. So I dremmeled a like size hole in the base of the cat so that the electric night light cord could be strung through and it be made into a lamp! How cool would this be flickering on your mantle?
My studio has many large windows in i,t and so I will have to get photos of it lit next time I am up there at night.
I also finished a newer subject for me, a simple rustic skull. It has bright Day of the Dead colors on the base and hat, but there are no flowers on him. He is but a simple, humble skull. He knows his place, quietly flickering away with his large morose eye sockets. He may be removed from the wooden block base. Also he may be displayed bald or with hat perched on top. I went for a distressed, weathered, aged look on him too. He does have a bone like feel and patina. Layers of paint, glaze, and sanding and scuffing. 

Skull Luminary stands 12" tall and the Boneyard Cat is about 11" tall....
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