Sunday, May 13, 2012

Witch Kitty and New Pieces! 

     It is May 13th, and my new pieces went up on my page at SpookyTime Jingles last night! This fetching feline stands 22" high and she has a primitive dress form base. I made her black felt cape that ties at the collar. Her hat was also made of felt, and I sculpted a tiny skull lantern for her to carry. She holds a rustic broom, I made out of vine and sticks, every witch needs a broom!
When you remove her cape and turn her around, you will find upholstery tack buttons up her back and a black bustle!
She has ears under her hat than can be seen when you are looking up and under...

I have been into making these vintage looking little pumpkin men, this one is almost twice as large as the first one I made last month, he is 9" tall!
The black cat  is 7" ....
A view of several pieces from this month in the gallery at our studio,...

Here is my largest moon in a while, 14" deep and a new color,..a paler yellow that really has lots of layers of color and depth that are seen best in person He really looks like an antique in person.

 I am currently working on many more cats and dress form figures, and more mirror and wall hanging moons and too!
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