Sunday, April 22, 2012

Magic Pumpkin Mirror and Moon Friends! 
 I finished a few new pieces at the studio today, here are two of them! Both available now on eBay. Just click on the highlighted titles below to get to the eBay links for each.

I love the details of this piece, the tiny metallic trims, and their brightly glowing eyes! The jack o lantern, the owl, and the cat all were sculpted out of paper clay and some epoxy sculpt, and painted in acrylic with some rich purple oil glazes and overlays.

"Moon Friends" stands 12" high and is mounted on the wooden block I painted in the same palette.
The Pumpkin Mirror was the most fun! Can you tell the vintage frame was once a clock? It was originally a beigeish white and gold. The clock was removed and I cut one of my lanterns in half, then sanded it to fit perfectly over the old clock hole, and then painted the frame in Halloween black and orange. I then layered glazes in oil with a dirty purplish hint....

The fun really is in the painting, finishing colors and details! This piece has an almost luminous glow in person, and a real old timey carnival feel to me, bright and ornate as a carousel, but all out Halloween!
"Magic Pumpkin Mirror" stands 22" high and is ready to hang by a saw toothed hanger on the back from when it was still someone's boring clock....

Thanks friends for stopping by!


William Bezek said...

Cool Pumpkin Mirror, really nice job!

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Thank you Will! I hope to do's fun looking for the old frames and clock cases.