Sunday, November 15, 2009

New! A Snowman Jack WIP!
Here are some works in progress, multiple moon jinglers there in the background, and ornaments, and a snowman head lantern, which I hesitate to show at this stage. Rest assured he is going to be so much cooler when he's done! He sits on his own, I sculpted a base. He has a short nose, and he's going to have painted paper eye inserts lots of painted detail and more teeth. Maybe a painted hat, but maybe just simple and no hat....Hmmm...decisions, decisions!

I could not resist this snowman with his hat in the late afternoon sun I took a few more shots....

Bye for now! Thanks for looking!!!


Tracy M. said...

Oh he is going to be so cute! Love his face.
Take Care,
Tracy M.

Connie said...

Love the snowman with the hat! Wonderful work, and you seem to switch so easily from Halloween art to Christmas art.