Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jester Moon Christmas Luminary!
Here is my moon offering for eBay this week! This was so much fun. I absolutely love the colors and had so much fun creating and sculpting the hat! Mr. Moon is reminiscent of an old timey Jack in the Box toy. In this case, he doesn't jump out of his drum shaped box, but lights up instead! He is the most colorful moon I have done to date. Although subtle, there are many variations in his whitish tone. The hat and moon are one piece, but can be lifted off the drum base to change the light bulb. Doesn't he look like he belongs under the tree? He also reminds me of the Jack in the Box toy in the classic Rudolph claymation movie from my childhood. His jester's hat is topped off with a little red bell, just so he can jingle in your holiday season!!

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Here is my STJ Offering for the month of November...

See you again soon!


Lisa said...

Brandi, the hat alone was a work of art, and it sold already? Wonderful,

Georgina said...

Brandi, love him...he's a hoot!