Sunday, November 22, 2009

Maine Coon Snow Cat Christmas Luminary!

My answer to the AHA Holiday Art Crossover Challenge..."Holidaypalooza"! Type in AHA under the art category the next time you search on eBay and see what great art pops up!

I finished something I have had in my head for a while! He's a snowy, candy cane colored Christmas cat Luminary! He is a Halloween/Christmas cross for sure, as I never can get the Halloween all the way out of me no matter what the current or predominant season is. He's a white, snowy cat instead of a black one, and look at his vampirish fangs! They are actually sharp, don't touch! He reminds me slightly of a 50's kitsch holiday object as well.. maybe its that bold WHITE and metallic when WHITE fake Christmas trees first came out!
He is an electric lamp, and comes with a red Christmas light bulb that makes him really glow brightly in the dark. He has white fluff on the tips of his ears, and was modeled after my own mini Maine Coon cat, Loco, who is actually a cross between a Manx and a Maine Coon. He didn't get the bobbed Manx tail, but he got the small Manx size. He was interested in the lantern so I took a few shots with him in it!

Although it doesn't show up very well in these shots, there is a really textural and almost Elizebethian collar made of red metallic tinsel around the base, that really sets the piece off!

He has wire whiskers too!

Meeeeooooow!!! You can see here that he is removable form the lamp base itself, and he would also sit on his own....

On eBay this week, ends Sunday night!! See you soon!


Dustin Pearson Harlan said...

Oh Bran he is DELISH! I love it!!! Loco looks puzzled sitting there. I must come over to see it in person before he ships out!

Tracy M. said...

How did you get your Kitty to sit there like that?
Take Care,
TRacy M.

Lance said...

That's incredible!!

Laura Irrgang said...

Brandi----that's my favorite thing you've done all year long!!!!
I am AMAZED with the color scheme. Red & white are my favorite Xmas combo, and I adore that period when the white feather and tinsel trees came out. Also, your technique is flawless on this. The sculpting around the eyes, the teeth---it's great!!!

Georgina said...

Love both the art work and the model!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.