Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Johanna Parker in a Martha Stewart contest!
Please read and vote!

Most of you probably know Johanna Parker... her Halloween art is amazing!
She was recently selected, along with 10 other entrepreneurial women
on Martha Stewart's website as her Doer of the Week!
* What a thrill! *Here is how WE CAN HELP, Johanna win! VOTE !!!
Now, it is up to you to VOTE for your favorite Doer of the Week!
Johanna says: "The winner is awarded $2,500 to put toward her business, and I must admit,
those funds would help me to fulfill my dream of enlarging my closet-sized workspace
where I paint all of my whimsical delights!
I would be honored if you would vote for me :)"
Simply, click on the following link which takes you to Martha Stewart'sDreamers into Doers website:
Then, look for the "POLL" along the right side column.
Select a winner's name and press "VOTE"
You can see her work at....
Thanks everyone for supporting a fellow Halloween artist!

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