Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New pieces for 2011!
Happy New Year! I have started this one out with a bang! I have been working with my sister making art mirrors and furniture for our business Harlan Mckenna Designs, and have been taking a once a month trip down to Atlanta to Scott's Market for that. Right after our first trip in November, I had a little accident on a woods trek and landed wrong on a steep jump and completely tore my ACL. Meaning, I now have only three ligaments in that knee instead of four. Of course I was immediately scheduled for surgery which would have been first thing in the morning, this day the 13th, had I not called today to cancel! Seems pretty crazy to cut myself up with holes drilled in both leg bones and a cadaver ligament, bone grafts and screws placed in when I have been able to run several miles, weight train as usual, and just about everything else I usually do with no pain or problems. The first month it did hurt and of course I did limp about the first couple of weeks. Believe you me, I took the injury very seriously and still do. I would not subject myself to a life of pain or a sedentary life, but I have really, miraculously, and perhaps abnormally, had little trouble with this knee. So, I can atleast continue strengthening it a few more months and see where I am then. I really have way too many irons in the fire to go through several weeks on crutches, with serious rehab time driving to and fro the Physical Therapist, and then full 12-18 months before I have a "normal" knee. It really seems "normal" to me now, barely two months since the injury! I am thrilled!
Here I am at our last atlanta trip,...displaying a moon I took for kicks in front of some of the pieces my sister and I make.
And for the STJ update today,..I pulled out some Valentine WIPS and finished them off, cute little ornies trimmed in feathers, them a warm and cozy look! Maybe all the recent snow here caused me to add the trims,....
Here is a moon shaker on STJ, actually, he is a moon on a stick as I usually do not make these hollow. He has different ribbons dangling from his vintage tinker toy wooden stick handle and a few bells and rusty stars.,..
Back to the biggest Valentine heart,..

A snowflake,...And Praise be to the Gods I can once again revel in a Halloween color palette! I really do not enjoy any other one, truth be told.

This black cat has a paper Dresden black cat embellishment on his hat from a trip to The Tinsel Trading Company in N.Y. back in October,...time to use all these little bits of this and that I have collected,...and a hand sewn crepe collar in purple orange and black!
Here, kitty kitty!!
Here are the pair together,..
I painted in some teeth,..
That's all for now! I have about four other posts saved in this blog that I need to finish and publish. Time has really gotten away from me and I hope to post more here soon.
Thanks for stopping by!!


Designs By CK said...

Hi Brandi,

SO glad that your knee is doing OK and hope it continues. I wondered if you were a runner, as you look like one.

Your new STJ pieces are FUN and your dad's highway paintings are very interesting.

SpOOky Best,
Chris >:-)

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Oh Thank you Chris! Yes I have run for years, since early 20's,...I am so relieved I still can, without surgery. I know you run too! Thank you for stopping by!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am glad your knee is doing well.

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new pieces!!!


Zan Asha said...

Hey Woman!! I love all of the new work!!

Yes, I remember you talking about the ACL and I agree, sounds like you'd do more damage, than healing, with the surgery! So happy your knee seems to be doing better!

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Thank you LuLu and thanks Zan! I have to come by your blogs too I have been the slackest blogstress!