Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Christmas and a Momentous Passing,...
Here in N.C my family had a Christmas that we will never forget, as it was at once sad, beautiful, and magical.
On Christmas Eve, our oldest horse and animal member of the family, a 38 year old Leopard Appaloosa (my Father's horse and his dearest pet), Sugar, passed away due to natural causes.
My Father's good friend Todd baxter painted this beautiful painting of my father and Sugar.
This painting is worth a thousand words,....

As sad as it was, it was a beautiful and meaningful time for him to leave us, on Christmas Eve. When my sister and I were growing up, we had a yearly tradition with out father of going on a Christmas Eve ride. We would each hop on our horse, (Dad always on Sugar, myself on Charger, and Dusti on either Judy or Giddeon, depending on the year) and we would ride down past the big pond and springhouse and through the woods beyond and into "pasture number one", where we would then take off full speed for a good gallop and romp to the top off the nearest hill. We would let the horses graze as we would philosophize and discuss whatever was in our hearts and minds, at the time, together. Memories we will all share for years to come. This spring,..after all THIS thaws,...(these pictures were taken around my house in Cabarrus County,...I have yet to get some pictures of the farm in the snow this year. I wish I could find myself snowbound at the farm!! I used to love riding in the snow when I was a kid, it was a rare and special treat. These days I enjoy hiking in it almost as much with my dog.)

Frozen textures and shapes that transform the ordinary, stopping me in my tracks,..

The steam on the camera lense created a beautiful shot,..

The snow on the trail I usual run up had me mushing through instead,..

So this spring, we will usher in a new era by bringing home some new horses, and ones the kids can ride. There will never be another Sugar, but the farm would not be the farm without the sound of nickers, snorts, laughing children, and galloping hooves. Until then may the snowy frozen ground be a peaceful resting place for Sugar.

Run, Lyla, run!
It's all too beautiful for words,..

If you don't look closely at this one below, you may miss Lyla as she is the same golden shade as these hanging on leaves,..
The colors here below are in perfect complimentary harmony!

Old fence behind the high school where I stop for a stretch,..

It has been an unforgettable winter here in N.C so far, with more snowfall than I can remember in a long time. A beautiful White Christmas. Rest in peace and stay in our memories, Sugarboy.


Laura Irrgang said...

Beautiful snow shots, Brandi!
Sorry to hear about Sugar.

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Aw Laura! Thanks, and so happy you came by to "see" me over here!!!

Lisa said...

The painting of your dad and Sugar is incredible!