Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Hurricane Lamp

Here is a finished commissioned piece.... I did a few of these last year, and may do one for ebay, but time's running short. I have another lamp like this except in a much fatter, well, let's say, voluptuous shape, because its big n tall too! I may save it for The National Halloween Convention with Spooky Time Jingles in PA this spring. Anyway this one turned out fun. I always search for these old can sand off the painted flowers and paint the whole thing...this one was made in the year I was born, I think, 1973, or maybe it was '71, funny to think that was the hot style back then. This one has lots of jack o lanterns and black cats on the bottom, night light portion of lamp. The top has a crescent moon and witch on a broom and bats...There is a turn key switch and you can light up the bottom, the top, or both. I added the beaded trim to the metal rim...think it blings it up some and who doesn't like fancy? Ha! In a fun, kitschy way.
We have SUN today! That means huge paper mache things are drying again outside the studio! I have some cat heads drying and some moons, too. I won't have another double moon ready for ebay for a week, maybe. But look for a big cat head lantern lamp by tomorrow night on eBay, if all goes well. I am putting down the paint brushes and mache for a trek with the kids this is just too gorgeous out! More WIP pics soon..

Thanks for stoppin' by!!

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Sycamore Moon Studios said...

A collector's piece for certain! Well done!