Friday, July 10, 2009

Dust Devils!

I had to call these "Dust Devils' since my sister, Dusti, made them. She has recently begun trying to sell on eBay, but she and I have collaborated on many a piece of art! She is primarily a genius woodcarver but she can paint and pretty much do anything with her hands that requires skill and patience. She has re-built her own 1960-something Dodge truck engine, as well as done body work on it, has done architectural restoration, and does tons of antique restoration. She has the most hilarious sense of humor, when we are together, besides plotting all sorts of creations, we are laughing most of the time. I don't know which is better, her written description of these two, or her actual altered artwork. Check out the devil's hands throwing up the heavy metal devil sign...she sculpted them out of her epoxy wood restoration sculpt stick.
Here is her description:

"Feast your eyes upon these two gorgeous Devil babies. They started life as innocents, gold leafed little cherubs made to grace the walls of the righteous. I found them thrown away in the basement of a dusty old antique shop and knew they wanted to become little Hellions, making the sign of the devil with their chubby little upraised fingers beckoning all to ROCK! In addition to their pinkie & forefingers I sculpted horns growing out of their curly black locks. Their wrists are encrusted with vintage rhinestone cuffs and their biceps display tattoos; one tattoo is a heart pierced by an arrow and reads "Love" while its twin has a heart impaled by a dagger and reads "Hate". The red acrylic paint I covered them in is slightly translucent, allowing the metallic gold leaf beneath it to glow. Their hair & eyebrows are black, as are their tattoos. They also have small pentagrams tattooed on their bellies (they are real bad-asses). Their favorite music is of course heavy metal and rock and I know they will fit right in at your house. For those about to rock, they salute you.
They are about 10" tall and are flat on the back with hardware installed to hang on your wall. They are red and black with gold wings and sashes and they come to you ready to rock n' roll. "


Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Good luck to Dusti on eBay!! She did a wonderful job on these guys. They're really hillarious!

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

BTW, it's only July 10th and my STJ updates are DONE! Now I'm off to make a Tinkerbell wall hanging for my grandaughter's second bd. Have a wonderful day, Brandi!!

Brandi McKenna said...

Oh Lisa thank you! I am going to HAVe to see the tinkerbell wall hanging! My things aren't done yet. Actually, I have a lot of thing sto choose from. The one thing I really wanted to use isnt quite dry, though, a few days of rain and no sun here! Have a great day, too!!!