Tuesday, August 26, 2014

                         The National Halloween Convention 
                 I found this un published draft from 2011 and I decided to post it! Sweet Memories.
  Three weeks before here I was working away with some barbed wire I found and harvested....

    I spent untold hours doing this,....sanding,..sanding,..and more sanding,...

The spring sun was delicious to sit out and work in!
I use a dremmel to do the carving,...

Here is a table full of Warty Jacks all awaiting paint!

Here is a moon,...one for one of a pair of matching lamps. I actually used plaster and cheesecloth on the first layers for these lamps and the insides are smooth and white!

Here is a Craggy Toothed Jack in progress,..

A cat lamp,..sold every one,..and a huge devil in the background,..

side view of the cat,..

And finally,..some pics taken from the convention itself,..after the ten hour drive up to Philadelphia! My sister and I trucked up there with a U Haul trailer behind us full of treasures!
I only snapped pics with my cell,..so not the best the quality.
Here are Wendy Smith Leaumont and LuLu Kellogg!

Death and I had a great time catching up!

I love this shot of Miss Wendy in our beautifully staged and decorated "living room".

Below are some detailed pieces by Doreen Gay Castle,..(who also came to the show! I just loved meeting her!) and Jorge De Rojas of HoHo Halloween,...

Looking up at the top of the hearse on the other side,...

My Bling Bling Kitty Lamp,...wish I had gotten a better photo!
He is gone now!

The vintage hearse we had was chock full of art!

A view looking in our main booth,..

inside the hearse sits more art,..

Coming around the corner,..there we are!!

My largest sized Warty Jack and Devil Lamp,..

One of a pair of Moon Lamps,...

Thanks to Dani Nelson for getting us another great show here!


Cumberland Falls Arts by Debra and Mike Kersey said...

I think your work is fantastic!! I love the devils and the warty gourds the best. Can't wait to see what is available this year.

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Thank you so much! I have things listed on eBay weekly this time of year and have things on etsy as well.

Connie Schantz said...

Please let me know when you come to phila. Id love to purchase some!cloudysunsetskies@gmail.com hope to hear from you!.thanks connie

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Connie, thank you so much. But due to health condition I can no longer handle doing shows. However,if you are on Facebook please friend me there, I still make things year round and post what's available on my page. Thanks!

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