Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Shots From the Studio!  

 A Unicorn Skull and a Goat Skull Door Knocker made by my sister Dusti Harlan and myself,..

My studio has seen lots of action this year..below are some glimpses into my favorite place,...

My favorite, The Revolted Rabbit! He is so ready for Halloween,..I wish I had made more of these this year!
Moon lamp and two small lanterns that were featured in The Sundae Gallery in Concord, N.C where I live and work,..
Large hand etched Ouija Board Mirror,..three beautiful assemblage pieces by my sister Dusti Harlan are also on top of that,......

Pieces earlier in the summer as I began sculpting more for Halloween orders,...

Thanks for stopping, hope you all have a wonderful October!

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