Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recent Pieces!
Here are a few of the pieces I have made since my last post! Been going full tilt here. I am trying to get pieces back on eBay regularly, and am taking a few orders before I start back to producing for fall shows!

I have a pair of these devil floor lamps,...

These two jacks are on eBay this week,..

These skelly lamps are popular,..

Some new warty jacks,..

A variety and my favorite pair of moon lamps,..

I love this pair of moon lamps,.they are functional working electric lamps! Beautiful lit!

A variety,..
Another moon lamp,...
A nice grouping,..
A skelly candelabra lamp dripped with chains,..the middle part is electric the surrounding risers are for real candles....

Doing more candy containers and sculptures with cats,..

This Crescent Moon and Cat is my favorite piece in a while!

This skelly lamp is still available!

This Devil is wicked lit up!
Thanks for stopping by!


The Answer Is Chocolate said...

These are stunning! Just amazing work.

Ms. Howdy said...

Want! All of it!

Meowlissa said...

Ahhhhmazing as ever!

Pattee said...

Love them all Brandi Can't wait to see you in September!

Funny your visitor log says you have a visitor from Uitgeest Nord Netherlands and that's ME