Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Third Anniversary SpookyTime Jingles!
In celebration of our third year here are my pieces offered tonight at midnight! We are also donating some proceeds to charity,..The Make A Wish Foundation! See the STJ blog for the full info!
I have three lamps up for grabs,..this purple hatted moon lamp,...

This Bling Bling Kitty Lamp,...

And this little repro German Parade Lantern,..I was commissioned to do one again this year,..and ended up making three for my own fun of different sizes and details. Not exactly like the original,..mine has wider eyes and a more jolly expression. He looks like a clown! What were those German Halloweeners thinking? And his little black eyebrows look so silly! He's a cutie!! Not scary at all!

Here is the line up!!! This Vintage Beistle inspired Jack is so festive lit up with the flicker bulb!! His teeth are carved right into him,..as with the moon and cat. Only paper parts are the eyes.

Jack is removable from base as are all of my lamps,...

Painted details,..

Thanks for stopping by!!!