Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Parade Lantern

Parade Moon Lantern on a Stick!
This thing is really cool to pop a candle in a walk around with at night..I love his black feathered fringe, he would make a witch's outfit on Halloween, wouldn't he? I am carrying one out to lead my trick or treaters this year! I just love puting them on a stick for some reason. I want to bring Halloween back the way you read about how it used to be...especially in the 20's...huge parties, lots of forgotten customs, everyone went all out, and even earlier. They used to make lanterns to carry for parades. So much fun. The interior layer is actually a thick non breakable plastic resin, that way you can carry him around without worrying that he'll catch fire. I put real candles in my large completely paper strip and paper mache ones, too, at home, I just don't leave them un-attended. Real candles give the best glow. But you can also stick a strand of mini lights in them. Look for this one on eBay this week
I think I am going to do some cat head ones next!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A fun grouping!

Fall Fever
A Fun grouping of several of my pieces together, two jack o lantern shakers on a stick, a moon lantern on a stick and a moon shaker all rest inside a large moon lantern. Its such a gorgeous spring day today! I try to work in my large scale paper mache out on my second story deck off the kitchen, but the woods and trails are calling my name! Days like this are just pefect weather for paper mache to dry. Reminds me of fall, the dry and breezy air! You know you are a sucker for fall when SPRING gives you Fall Fever!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spooky Time Jingles on ETSY!

Spooky Time Jingles ETSY event!
Look for this and other art pieces shown at The National Halloween Convention this year at the Spooky Time Jingle's ETSY store!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Large Bonfire Moon

I can almost smell fall in the air when I look at this guy.....I've been getting requests for larger and larger moons. When I first started, I could do an 18 inch, but then I was un able to find that size ball to use as a form. Now I have found them again! Look out for some super sized moons from me soon!

" Black Jack"
Here is my 1920's inspired jack o lantern...but I chamged his color to a licorice black distressed to show the red orange underneath! I love his eye balls and red nose! He glows so vividly lit up with a candle in the dark...

Here he is with one of my moon lamps...

Look for Black Jack on eBay here:

Monday, April 13, 2009

STJ Halloween booth was a SCREAMING Success!

Mr Spooky Time and friend...

First thing you see coming by...

Many beautiful sweet and spooky ornaments graced the trees...

Tree and ornaments all aglow in orange and purple lights!

Halloween hand carved witch trumeau mirror.....

back corner of booth..
More detail of ornies hanging from tree...

Moon Floor Lamp Detail ....

Sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!

I just spent the weekend in King of Prussia, PA with Dani Nelson, founder, artsist and leader of Spooky Time Jingles, helping her with our booth there! And let me say, we were HUGE! A HIT! Everyone loved us! Peolpe we did not even know were so moved they gave us hugs! We sold a ton and were invited to several other similar shows. We received numerous media interviews, and met lots of new fans and friends. I was thrilled to finaly meet Halloween Collectibles' author Claire Lavin, who bought a few pieces to add to her collection! Her booth was next to ours and we had a great time evrey time she stopped by! I was HONORED to be there, part of such an amazing group, and felt lucky to have my work displayed with such high quality art from accross the country. When we were un-packing for set up LATE Friday night, I felt it was like opening presents Christmas morning, except WAY better, because it was ALL Halloween Fav! Dani was amazing at setting up and displaying our pieces. The booth looked fun, full, and festive. Pure magic! The difference in size and scale was truly beautiful. I brought two large Halloween moon lamps that added height. The two trees lit up and decorated with everyone's ornaments drew people was all eye candy for sure! Everyone's worked was oooohed and ahhhed over numerous times. Please cruise on over to today to check out our up dates~as always, they are on the 13th of each month!!!